Through my years of working in creative arts I have the strong ability to bring a fresh approach to each creative project. My input has been invaluable to each marketing concept, receiving the desired attention needed. I’m not afraid to push a creative concept to its limit.

I have the ability to portray a particular design concept or theme throughout different levels of promotion. I have experience designing all different types of media such as, printed materials, signage, packaging, product guides, websites, email templates, ad campaigns etc. There is no creative media I can’t take on or learn if needed.

I work very hard, learn fast and have the ability to work quickly and efficiently. I have countless strong business relationships with various different types of people. I have strong communications skills and the ability to multi-task. My colleagues enjoy working with me and I have great sense of humor. I also have the ability to solve problems seamlessly if they should arise. I have created branding for cliental and helped successfully launch a new design concept. I have experience directing all art and creative concepts in advertising and direct marketing. I also have experience working in retail before pursuing a career in design.

I acquired a BFA from Umass Dartmouth focusing on Graphic Design/Letterform. I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I have the ability to create consistent eye-catching marketing visuals that will portray a particular theme or brand. I have a strong ability to present creative ideas – clearly and effectively so that all audiences understand the creative concept being portrayed.

I have been working with the Adobe Creative Suite my entire career, Not only do I know these programs well, I am proficient in other software programs such as Flash, Dreamweaver, Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Office – including power point, excel, word and publisher. I also have worked closely and seamlessly with printers. I understand prepress, color separation, and pre-press prep. I possess a strong knowledge of digital photography, photo retouching, resolution. I have impressive typography, design and production skills. I have an excellent ability to manage a project from aspects such as, budgeting the expense of the project, finding the best cost, from outside vendors, overseeing and partaking in the design, communicating with vendors and upper management to render any parts of the project.

I have the ability to bring fresh new ideas and lead a team to complete a creative project. I am very organized and up to speed on what process is going on which point of each project.